As a company policy, we do not issue refunds unless a system malfunction caused a problem or your ticket was cancel without cause. In this article, you will learn about Fly Comfort Travel refund policy.

Refund, Cancellation and Rebooking Policy

If you need to cancel your flight arrangements, call Fly Comfort Travel at 1-888-512-6636. Refund will be only given if the Tickets purchased is refundable. Non-refundable flights will not receive a refund. If your flight is booked with a Low-Cost Carrier, we also cannot refund your booking fee.

Passenger will only receive future credit from the airline if cancel a non refundable Tickets and may have to pay airline penalty in order to use his credit other terms and conditions may apply depending on the airline.

Additional charges on rebooked flights

Airline change fee, ranging from USD 100 to USD 300 will apply.

Difference in airfare (if the cost of your new flight exceeds your flight credit) will be applicable.

Compliance Issues

We do not provide refunds for unused Pay As You Go credits on tickets that were terminated due to a compliance issue.

Be sure to read and understand our Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy before you send a campaign with Fly Comfort Travel. We reserve the right to disable or cancel any ticket if our Compliance Team finds that passenger has abused our system in any way.


When you request a chargeback, the bank that issues your credit card reverses a payment you made to Fly Comfort Travel, and sending is disabled in your account. To resolve the chargeback and re-enable sending, navigate to the travel date and re-purchase your order.

To request a refund, Contact Us